Susanne Kober

Susanne Kober

Senior consultant
Been with cormens since 2022

Consulting focus:
HR consulting, leadership, change

Susanne's enthusiasm for change processes and continuous development is relentless. With a mixture of clarity and sensitivity, she quickly identifies relevant topics for the areas of leadership, change and corporate culture. For the consultant, the focus always has to be on the individual, which is why HR work is still her passion after more than 20 years. She regularly gathers impulses about the systemic interaction of different cultures on her trips to Africa. Since Susanne likes to be the last to go to bed, she appreciates culinary adventures during her long evenings.
Good conversations, wine or book accompaniment are part of it, mushrooms are negligible.

Work experience

  • Consultant, trainer and coach for executives
  • 10 years of leadership experience at executive level
  • 24 years of experience in the financial industry, including 20 years in various HR functions
  • Guest lecturer at the International University of Munich for the subject "Employer Branding"


  • Systemic organizational consultant
  • Systemic/agile team coach
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Resilience Coach
  • Study of business administration
  • Training as a bank clerk

Projects carried out

  • Establishment and professionalization of HR functions in medium-sized companies and the financial sector
  • Conception and support of the implementation of a new employer brand to increase employer attractiveness
  • Trainer, consultant and coach of management teams in the financial sector
  • Sparring and executive coaching