Tobias Rieder

Tobias Rieder

Senior consultant
Been with cormens since the very beginning

Consulting focus:
Coach for leadership and change at management level

Tobias is our unorthodox monk. He has the courage to speak the truth out loud, even when it is unpleasant. And he has the calmness to smooth the waters with insights. Tobias is interested in many different things. He has spent time in a monastery, a decade in various management roles in a large corporation, has a farm and will soon own a guesthouse - he lives the change he preaches himself. His diverse interests fire his quality as a multi-faceted thinker. He takes listeners on a journey beyond well-trodden thought patterns and brings them back enriched with insight.

Work experience

  • Trainer and consultant for management and method training in medium-sized companies
  • Over 10 years of corporate experience as Head of Personnel and Organisational Development / Head of HR Strategy, Processes & Change Management
  • Many years of freelance work as a management trainer, organisational developer, coach and family therapist with "hands-on" consulting and training for international profit and non-profit companies in various industries


  • Studies in theology and philosophy (Dipl. Theologian, Bacc. Phil.)
  • Among other subjects, training in systemic personnel and organisational development, coaching, large group methods, client-centred dialogue, project management, hypnosystemic counselling as well as system and organisational constellations

Projects carried out

  • Consultant and trainer in workshops and seminars concerning team, divisional and corporate development, strategy work and leadership development
  • Project leader and moderator in global change and organisational development processes
  • Support for senior management teams
  • Business & Executive Coaching