Susann Hönow

Susann Hönow

Senior Consultant
Been with cormens since 2022

Consulting focus:
Sales, leadership, change management

Susann builds bridges. The communicative native of Leipzig establishes new connections between people on an almost daily basis. The network of channels she weaves is called a rapport. All kinds of things run through it: Exchange, development, trust. A day with people is a good day for Susann. It is only when she is diving that she is able to find one of the few places where she enjoys silence. And when she goes diving in foreign countries, she again builds bridges to other cultures in order to learn. She considers knowledge to be something that needs to be shared rather than hoarded.

Work experience

  • More than 15 years of experience as a trainer and coach for specialists and management in a European financial group

  • Change manager and part of the management team of a customer care centre in the financial sector

  • Deputy Head of Team Training & Quality

  • Direct sales and telephone acquisition of new customers in the business and corporate customer sector

  • Consultation of private clients


  • Bank clerk

  • Training as trainer and facilitator (Vienna, Austria)

  • Further training in the field of e-learning & webinars, accelerated learning as well as working out loud - mentor

  • Training in the field of e-learning & webinars, hybrid formats, accelerated learning as well as working out loud – mentor

  • Systemic Coach (SG)

Projects carried out

  • Conception and implementation of workshops, seminars and strategy events for management as well as for team and company development (face-to-face and online)

  • Consulting of the executive board and the management team within the scope of a reorganisation as well as for the strategy development of the company

  • Design and implementation of change projects in the field of agility, social learning and blended learning

  • Conception and implementation of sales and communication training (face-to-face and online) as well as coaching for remote channels of a major European bank