Sebastian Koeppel

Sebastian Koeppel

Senior Consultant
Been with cormens since 2023

Consulting focus:
Organizational development, change, coaching

Sebastian is a man of communication. But for him, talking also means being quiet in the right moments. When the organizational consultant is in contact with people and teams, he first listens in a non-judgmental way. It is just as important for him to take the needs of his counterparts into account and at the same time to offer them other perspectives. In this way, he also constantly challenges his own status quo. It is rare that the coach is not engrossed in a book, listening to podcasts at double speed or otherwise continuing his education.

Work experience

  • 17 years managing partner of a medium-sized fruit juice producer in 4th generation
  • Reversal of sales decline (€ 100 → 32 million) to € 55 million through strategic realignment of the company and revitalization of the brand. Restructuring, refinancing, introduction of ERP and QM systems
  • Transformation of the entire company to collegial (self-)management and common good accounting


  • Certified systemic organizational developer and consultant (Trigon) 
  • Consulting in organizations (Hephaistos)
  • Conflict dynamics (Hephaistos)
  • Coach (Hephaistos) 
  • Leadership training "Licence to Lead" (Proaktiv)

Projects carried out

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Management development and support 
  • Team development according to system principles and belief polarities in accordance with SySt, value square and team dynamics (Hephaistos) 
  • Conflict regulation according to GFK, escalation levels and conflict dynamics (Hephaistos), et al.
  • Introduction of agile methods such as collegial leadership / self-leadership
  • Design and implementation of long-term projects for identity strengthening, workshops for process optimization (among others U-procedure), build-up structure and innovation workshops (among others theory U)