What you get from us has long been within you. We're just helping you expose it.
Clarity is for us an expression of our appreciation.
We open up new thoughts with you, to help you see new possibilities.
We are driven by an interest in understanding the world. Change is a process that continuously demands up-to-date answers.

We understand the understood.

We are convinced that heart and mind have a reciprocal effect. Processes and roles cannot be considered without regard to human relationships.


Cor, the heart. Mens, the mind. Combined, the two axes form the "heart-mind" that is the hallmark of cormens. It ensures that we understand people, understand processes and understand both together. We put this philosophy into practice in our Academy, as well as with our Consulting and Coaching.



How we help

The unsaid is spoken.

The unsaid is spoken.

We understand change as a process that continuously demands up-to-date answers. We refer to a change of which the desire or need has been felt but not yet set in motion: Unchange.



Our manifesto

What success would you like to celebrate tomorrow?

We show you what is unused, your potential.