Shiva Maria Schneider

Shiva Maria Schneider

Been with cormens since 2023

Consulting focus:
Change, sales and conflict

According to Shiva's calendar, a day should have 48 hours. The consultant with a focus on change, sales and conflict has a great mental and physical urge to move and appreciates it when tasks challenge her. That's why Shiva doesn't only go to the mountains on sunny days, but also when the weather gets uncomfortable. She combines her seemingly unrestrained creativity with an extremely fine sense for people, for what is hidden and for the right moment.

Work experience

  • Various activities in the fields of mediation, management consulting, personality, team and organisational development; internships in a clinical-psychological context
  • Freelance trainer for health (physical training, relaxation, yoga)
  • Lecturer at a university on the subject of organisational development/conflict


  • Master in General Management (M.A.), Master in Clinical Psychology (M.Sc.)
    (University of Witten/Herdecke)
  • Mediation and conflict management in organisations (Trigon)
  • Counselling in organisations (Hephaistos)
  • Yoga (RYT 200)
  • Certified coach according to the International Organisation for Business Coaching (IOBC), (Trigon)

Projects carried out

  • Conception, development and introduction of an innovative sales strategy with the executive board, management and employees of a financial services provider
  • Consultant and trainer in workshops and seminars on personality, team and organisational development
  • Coaching of managers and teams
  • Mediation in "difficult teams"
  • Moderation of strategy meetings