Moritz Tränkle

Moritz Tränkle

Been with cormens since 2020

The fact that Moritz was still a student not so long ago is hardly noticeable. It’s rare that he needs to be explained to. It's mostly the other way round. But thanks to his good combinatorics and emotional intelligence, he is never lecturing, but always enriching. No matter how heavy the workload is – you will recognise Moritz by the fact that he always has a friendly smile on his face. When he's not working or studying, he practises yoga, archery and writes poetry.

Work experience

  • 2-year consultancy activity
  • Specialist and volunteer in youth and adult welfare, early childhood care, pedagogical care of underage unaccompanied refugees and youth participation for the past 8 years


  • Studies in business management, specialisation in business and advertising psychology
  • Specialist practical training in the field of psychology, early childhood and youth education

Projects carried out

  • Design, implementation and analysis of a comprehensive and representative customer survey (for the Deutsches Museum)
  • Development of sustainable brand and advertising strategies for small and medium-sized companies
  • Conception and moderation of employee and management training in the areas of creativity, virtual leadership and sales