Daniela Dihsmaier

Daniela Dihsmaier

Senior consultant
Been with cormens since 2016

Consulting focus:
Change, mental performance,

She goes full steam ahead when it comes to her goals. With joy and success. She is not a follower. Except when it comes to the IRONMAN. Daniela is worth (Olympic) gold for people with high standards. No wonder: She has the right mix for high performers. Those who compete at the very top are at their limit and therefore vulnerable. Daniela brings just the right mix of motivation and sensitivity for her counterpart. Her strength is her all-round talent, allowing her to quickly get to grips with topics. She finds relaxation in reading, watching films and in the tranquillity of nature, for example in open water swimming.

Work experience

  • Consultant and systemic coach for change, performance, employee leadership and self-leadership, customer orientation, storytelling
  • Author


  • Diploma in Media Economics focusing on project management and organisational and personnel development (TU Ilmenau)
  • Systemic trainer (University of Augsburg)
  • Sports mental coach
  • Hypnosis (Hypnosis Centre Munich)
  • Nutrition trainer, health and fitness trainer, B-licence (DTA)
  • Journalistic and creative writing (Georg von Holtzbrinck School; School of Writing)

Projects carried out

  • Coaching of lawyers and management staff in politics and business
  • Coaching of police officers in personal protection and in the field of terrorism
  • Mental coaching of elite athletes from boxing and football to triathlon and mountain biking (also for the 2021 Olympics)
  • Coaching of managing directors and executives on employee leadership and self-leadership
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Podcast host of "Brutal Mental; the podcast all about the brain"
  • Mental expert for the press