"In a successful company, sales is definitely not everything. But without successful sales, everything becomes nothing."

Success in sales: the supreme discipline

“For me sales is the most exciting segment of a company, because this is where we create what counts

In addition, distribution involves the ability to support customers based on partnership and a creative approach. You have the opportunity to show the uniqueness of your company also its products, therefore making profitable deals along with lasting partnerships. 

To widen skills for sustainable, successful sales, to train the team in sales theory and practice, that is my passion.”

Dirk Stoess

Gaining new customers

Are you familiar with this situation?

You worked hard to gain new customers – but it just does not move forward. Your employees are very proficient – but the implementation is the sticking point. In short: you wish to get new customers more easily. Because capacities are available.

We support you ...

  • how to succeed in maintaining networks and expanding them, because they are the key.
  • how to make prospective clients satisfied and faithful clients, because this is how you can draw profit.
  • how to arrange concrete appointments with new customers, because commitment is your greatest friend.
  • how to make your existing customers recommend you, because this is the best form of advertising.

Making sales negotiations a success


Are you familiar with this situation?

Your employees have received their training but they are not moving forward- of course, you want to increase your success rate but it’s not that easy. In short: in sales, most of all, you wish that knowledge brings continued success.

We support you ...

  • how to determine what guides your potential customers in their buying decisions, because they know exactly what they want from you.
  • how to skilfully deal with customers, because general product information is far too little.
  • how to recognise your customers' willingness to buy and to start at the right moment, because this has to be a win-win deal.
  • how to bring the deal to a successful conclusion, because this is what matters for your business.

Achieving customer loyalty and building on it


Are you familiar with this situation?

Established customers are the best customers. Of course, you want to increase your revenue with the companies that already trust you – but this becomes more and more challenging for you. You know that your product or service is better, and often cheaper than that from your competitors, but sustainable success cannot be achieved. In short: you want fresh strategies and behaviour patterns with which you can build customer loyalty which will pay off on the long run.

We support you ...

  • how to identify high-potential customer for your company, because with them you can achieve faster and better results.
  • how to use information received from your customers for your needs, because a proactive and suitable recommendation creates trust and customer satisfaction.
  • how to tailor your product offer to customer requirements, because demand generates profits.
  • how to achieve a real customer loyalty, because only fully satisfied customers keep coming back to you.

Developing your personality


Are you familiar with this situation?

Prerequisite for business success is knowledge and skills of all employees – but you know that more hidden resources could be activated. You want to educate the employees at your company further and expand your customer base in an effective and goal-oriented manner – but they need new impetus in the communication with your customers and your team. In short: you want to educate yourself further in order to tap new potential.

We support you ...

  • how to achieve more performance with clear understanding of the situation, because you are the decisive factor.
  • how to recognize your personal motives and use them to your advantage, because in this way you can shape your skills, behaviour and performance goals actively and independently.
  • how to communicate clearly and in a goal-oriented manner, because an open and good communication is the key competence to achieve success.

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