"Leading successfully means getting involved with one another and working together generating value and with respect."

Leading with a goal: performing effectively

"Effective leadership relations require confidence: confidence in yourself, confidence in others and confidence in multiple solution possibilities. People who lead and those who let themselves be led know how to perceive impulses, to reflect on thinking and acting and to learn from the feedback from their surroundings – as an individual, team and organisation.

Trust, empathy and resonant antennas form the basis of a successful dialogue.

It is my passion to develop future scenarios together with you and to open up space for relationships which generate value and respect."

Johannes Gutberlet

The art of managing yourself

Does this feel familiar to you?

Management responsibility at last! Full of energy and euphoria we set to work. We feel that we are giving everything. And yet time and again it doesn’t seem to be enough. A lot of things work, some things don’t. Some people do not seem to be clear about the things which are of particular importance to us, what is relevant when working together and why we wish to protect ourselves by means of occasional monitoring.

The following questions concern us in management situations: What motivates me? How can I increase my effectiveness? In what context do I place my personal perceptions, my feeling, thinking and acting? How do I develop and demonstrate confidence?

We support you …

  • to personally find your own answers to these questions. You will acquire the necessary energy to play an active role “on the stage of your life” – as director, but at the same time, also as initiator and scriptwriter, affectionate critical observer and protagonist.
  • to reconcile your inner perception with your outer self-presentation and to respond to your surroundings.
  • through individual coaching, but also in internal company or open seminars to think about self-management and to develop your identity as a manager or managed person carefully and sensitively, building on your potential and motives.

Inspiring employees and teams

Have you experienced this yourself?

Your team colleagues and employees only seem to be participating half-heartedly and not to understand what contribution everyone must make for the company to be successful. Each person works rather for him/herself, no team spirit emerges. And looking at the bigger picture is more a rarity than a matter of course.

Many questions arise when managing others. And this is completely regardless of whether you have formal or informal, vertical or lateral management responsibility. You must always ask yourself: ”How can I influence my surroundings? Do I act attentively, goal-oriented and consciously, or rather unconsciously and indeterminately? How do I and those in my team select our team members and colleagues? How do we all build together a performance and relationship-oriented team?“

We support you ...

  • as “a person leading”, to find your focus and to exert a purposeful influence.
  • to select your team colleagues and members specifically, to recognize their motives and potential and to link them together into an effective whole in a results-oriented way.
  • to distribute the tasks in the team together in such a way that we operate as a team in a self-organized manner and think and act in a process-oriented way. Identification with the tasks will increase. People will desire to resolve conflicts in the team in an interest-oriented way.
  • as an initiator in developing team competence through team coaching, mediation and training.
  • to renounce stereotyped thinking and excessive formalism and to let room for creativity, self-responsibility and a sense of purpose emerge.

Acting with entrepreneurial spirit

Do you perceive yourself as a designer?

The market needs to be opened up, market positions secured. Relaxing or “business as usual” do not appear to be possible. 

Future-oriented issues concern you as an entrepreneur, employee representative or shareholder: How can we survive in the market in future? Who is the most suitable person for the position of successor? How and when do you best retire from active management? How can I make these strategic management decisions comprehensible to employees and managers so that they will support the necessary changes wholeheartedly?

We support you ...

  • to let your new ideas become a reality step by step - in an agile manner too, but not ad hoc.
  • to plan the succession in the company specifically and effectively.
  • to question processes in the company and to reorganize yourself.
  • through workshops, large group events and organisation developments to question your strategy in a multi-faceted way.
  • to conduct focused discussions with the stakeholders and employee representatives.

Pit stop leadership

When do you intend to make your next stop?

Everyone is looking at you. Watching how you deal with uncertainty. Wanting orientation and stability in an uncertain future. Your familiar network partners inside and outside the company provide outstanding professional support, yet a confidential exchange of information about future-oriented issues rarely arises.

Thus, important questions remain unanswered: What will the situation be like in our line of business, in our market in the mid to long-term? What perspectives do I have to consider in my role? How do I remain healthy, and our company too?

We support you ...

  • by using guided situation and stakeholder analyses to carefully consider the next step.
  • to design a framework and an inner attitude for yourself so that you can continue to perform your task with strength and vitality.
  • to profit from the intuition and knowledge of experienced coaches and managers.
  • in individual coaching and group supervision, in the management team, employee representation bodies, supervisory boards or also in company-wide supervision groups of managers, administrative executives, project leaders and the representatives of different works council committees.

We support you!

Do you recognise yourself in these situations and issues? 
Could you imagine implementing these into reality with us at your side?
Then get in touch with us.
We’ll look forward to hearing from you!    

Taifun Training

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Discover what it is like to fill teams with enthusiasm for their tasks. Learn to let a feeling of solidarity and responsibility emerge and, at the same time, ensure that promises of performance are fulfilled by the team members.

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