"For us, change management means integrating something new into something which already exists."

Effective change: acting systematically with emotional intelligence

"A company’s success depends on its ability to continually orient itself to its market: a prerequisite for this is to question itself, to explore new pathways and to show entrepreneurial courage. The personal change competence of every individual in the organisation is the unique characteristic of your company.

Thus, individuals and companies are continually required to adapt to new situations. This is not always easy, let alone convenient. But when this is successful, it’s great! It’s my passion to help you to open yourself for this and to accompany you on your way."

Lothar Wüst

Developing organisations sustainably

Does this seem familiar?

Teams are pursuing competing objectives. Synergy effects are not being exploited. Information is being withheld. Conflicts are dealt with secretively. Meetings are time-consuming and they often end without results. Project objectives are formulated half-heartedly, project timetables are delayed, milestones are not being adhered to and cause avoidable stress in the final phase of a project. Dissatisfaction is spreading.

We support you …

  • in developing and consolidating a clear picture of a desirable future for your company. For only when I have exact knowledge of the situation in the company can I find the right solution.
  • to recognize the need for action with respect to ability, skills, attitudes and framework conditions. For only when I know where my employees currently stand and what the changes will require in future can I decide upon suitable measures for personal and organisational development.
  • to design the structure of a viable organisational process and to carry this out by means of kick-off events, seminars, workshops and consulting meetings to implement this successfully.

Structuring team processes successfully

Does this seem familiar?

A new team is formed. The employees are enthusiastic and thirsting for action, the managers are highly motivated to prove themselves. But the desired results are not realized. Responsibilities are shifted back and forth. Accusations undermine the relationship of mutual trust, team members only talk when strictly necessary, rumours are flying around, conflicts running high. Strained relations with one another are a hindrance for smooth, goal-oriented work.

We support you ...

  • to develop your teams into top teams. They have a common vision and know what their contribution is to the development of the organisation.
  • to define the tasks in the team clearly, to structure processes and to define responsibilities. Each employee should know what he/she is responsible for, where the limitations for his/her area of responsibility lie and what is specifically expected of him/her.
  • in linking up the employees with one another. They know and appreciate one another as individuals. They give one another honest feedback, provided openly, respectfully and specifically and which is then an incentive for every one of them.
  • to sharpen your perceptions of how you communicate with one another, how you resolve difficult situations, how you handle your successes and organize yourself as a team.
  • in working out worthwhile alternatives to your previous courses of action. In doing so you will get to know the people in your team better, with all their expectations, interests and motives, and thus can coordinate their teamwork better in future. Positive, measurable results will be realized.

Mastering change processes

Does this seem familiar?

An idea is born and communicated full of euphoria. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the new concept. Objections slow it down; decisions undermine it. Uncertainty spreads, the vision comes to nothing or is only implemented half-heartedly.

We support you ...

  • through change management, consulting and coaching to develop specific ideas on how to proceed, to anticipate possible reactions and dynamics in your company. Thus, you will ensure that everyone is firmly involved.
  • to reflect on what you have achieved and develop ideas together with you as to how you can act according to the situation. Thus, you can navigate successfully through the change process. 
  • as a sparring partner in the background. You will be perceived as the driving force, for it is very important to us that companies work out appropriate strategies themselves to master change successfully. 

We support you!

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Change Happens. The CORMENS-principle

Change happens – constantly and everywhere

Successful decision-makers and change consultants understand how organisations really function and what drives people in change processes.

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