Prof. Dr. Anke van Kempen

"Getting to the heart of the matter means: communicating with each other"

Experience (selection):

  • Professor at Hochschule München for the Department Technical Writing and Technical Communication
  • Head of Department of Scientific and Business Communication; private research promotion of a research organization (17,000 employees)    
  • Head of Department of Business Communication in a public-law institution (700 employees)    
  • Consultant for strategic communication    

Sample projects:

  • Design and set-up of a new department for business communication 
  • Development and implementation of positioning strategies    
  • Communication of change processes (internal and external)
  • Communication coaching for managers, executives and teams

Qualifications (selection):

  • Degree courses in German Studies, History and Political Science in Munich with the main focus on rhetoric, decision-making and political communication    
  • St. Gallen Change Management course (Management School St. Gallen)    
  • Training and presenting (Trainer and Consultant Academy Munich), Coaching – Psychology of Change (Dietz & Partner, Munich), Organisational development (Hephaistos, Munich)    

We look at situations from different perspectives. Our long-term experience as managers in companies of different sizes, combined with our different educational backgrounds, make it possible for us to achieve the best possible solution for you through dialogue and discussion with one another.