Dr. Margret Klinkhammer - Geschäftsführung

"Retain your curiosity and boldness"

Experience (selection):

  • Manager of three medium-sized enterprises in the financial services and consulting sector (sizes: 5 - 1,200 employees)
  • Head of Department, Head of Branch and branch manager in the HypoVereinsbank Group, sales coach since 1994, manager of mergers 1997 - 2000
  • Many years as an executive coach, consultant, trainer and business mediator as well as several years as a member of advisory and supervisory boards
  • Award of the university medal of the University of Ulm in 2017 for 30 years of voluntary support of students as mentor, coach and trainer
  • Founder and Managing Director of CORMENS

Sample projects:

  • Cross-sector business mediation, team development, workshops on strategy development, collaboration with committees and institutions (advisory boards, works councils, executive boards, boards of directors)
  • Designing and implementing diverse organisational development projects and change processes in medium-sized enterprises and group companies
  • Qualification measures lasting several months for project managers and executives at all management levels
  • Long-term supervision of executives

Qualifications (selection):

  • Degrees in Business Mathematics (master and doctorate), Business Administration (MBA, USA), Social and Behavioural Sciences (BA)
  • Coach (dvct = German Association for Coaching and Training), mediator (BM® = German Mediation Association), trainer (DVNLP = German Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming), training instructor for coaches, mediators and trainers, supervisor & coach (DGSv®), Agile Coach ICC and Agile Organisation Support (next U)
  • Consulting in organisations (theoretical foundation i.a.: Metatheory of change)
  • Systemic management, hypno-systemic assingments, constellation work, consulting on motives MSA® (= Motive Structure Analysis), Happiness@Work®, leadership trainer, Strengths Deployment Inventory SDI®, member of supervisory boards for medium-sized enterprises

We look at situations from different perspectives. Our long-term experience as managers in companies of different sizes, combined with our different educational backgrounds, make it possible for us to achieve the best possible solution for you through dialogue and discussion with one another.