Bernhard Praml

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life - Carpe diem!"

Experience (selection):

  • Area Manager of Customer Care Centre Germany UCDS with responsibility for operating results    
  • Human Resources Manager at HVB for locations in Germany and Austria    
  • Head of Training and Development of a medium-sized enterprise in the financial services sector    

Sample projects:

  • Designing and introducing a set of principles for a medium-sized enterprise in the financial services sector    
  • Monitoring national and international change management and organisational development processes    
  • Designing and introducing a new business development model in a customer care centre    
  • Designing and implementing a start-up in the hotel sector on the Canary Islands    

Qualifications (selection):

  • Training as a bank clerk    
  • Degree in Social Education with the main focus on adult education    
  • Experiential educational training at Outward Bound in Austria    
  • Emotional Intelligent Leadership Trainer in accordance with the Teleos Leadership Institute, Philadelphia, USA    

We look at situations from different perspectives. Our long-term experience as managers in companies of different sizes, combined with our different educational backgrounds, make it possible for us to achieve the best possible solution for you through dialogue and discussion with one another.