Aisha el Rifai

"Life is what happens, while you are making other plans"

Experience (selection):

  • Deputy Head of Training and many years of experience as a trainer of executives and employees of an international financial group    
  • Many years of experience as a manager of personnel and organisational development and change management    
  • Independent coach for executives in various sectors    

Sample projects:

  • 1st prize in the “European Change Communications Award” 2010 for the change management project “Our Vision-Our Identity”, process for re-branding and new company vision     
  • Consultant and trainer in workshops and seminars for executives as well as for team and company development in banks    
  • Designing and carrying out strategy events for executives
  • Consultant to the management, personnel management and project leader responsible for structural and cultural change processes and strategically important company projects    

Qualifications (selection):

  • Law degree and Master’s degree in Journalism    
  • Training as a trainer and presenter    
  • Professional training and certification as a systemic coach for executives, teams and projects    

We look at situations from different perspectives. Our long-term experience as managers in companies of different sizes, combined with our different educational backgrounds, make it possible for us to achieve the best possible solution for you through dialogue and discussion with one another.