Diversity is the factor of success


”If we had more of the same, we would be blind in one eye.“ 
In accordance with this motto it is important to us to respect and accept the diversity in the team and to use this for the benefit of the client.

For us, team means that we live that for which CORMENS stands: working with heart and mind.

In putting our team together, we unite individuals with different expertise, experience and perspectives and establish this combination on a stable and sustainable relationship level so that we can work together successfully with heart and mind.

Management Board

Diversity is also expressed in our Management Board.
We employ our different perspectives to advise modern organisations effectively.

Our Consulting Team

”Quality rather than quantity“ has a special meaning in our consulting team: our network partners are all mature personalities with selected curricula vitae including scientists, managers, specialists and sales professionals. We value them for their personality and their expertise and therefore work with these individuals. 

We look at situations from different perspectives. Our long-term experience as managers in companies of different sizes, combined with our different educational backgrounds, make it possible for us to achieve the best possible solution for you through dialogue and discussion with one another.