Turning visions effectively into actions

The focus is on the solution for the customer


We have been working with our customers for many years - always looking for the best possible solution to meet their needs.

We have devised many useful methods along with interventions, to be included for exceptional situations.

It was not always easy to find the right ideas. Methods that would meet our needs were often not available on the market. The solution was to create them!

Thus, we started to develop our own methods and to apply them, initially for ourselves likewise because we loved them. The result are simple and carefully considered "tools" with sophisticated details and smart features which give really good results. 

What has given us a great deal of satisfaction, is that for many years more and more people have been eager to work with us also with our tools.



As we understand it, effective consulting today requires the integration of heart and mind.

Classical business consulting consists of the analysis of the current status, the definition of a desired status and the development of a concept to achieve the latter. This is an important part of the trade and should be carried out diligently. A solid basis is required to solve problems in organisations. We are happy to develop this with you and can draw on a pool of tried and tested tools and methods.

As consultants with heart and mind, we then continue with the necessary steps; identify the people concerned with their emotions and perceptions, involve them and make allies of them to implement the changes at hand.

Thus, we consult in a holistic, integrated and linked manner.


  • holistic
  • integrated
  • linked



We professionally support your work in the areas of contemplation, classification and change. We do this by orienting our business coaching towards your primary objective, to strengthen your professional and personal performance and willingness to achieve.

Our coaching is characterized by intuition and structure to an equal extent – we identify typical thought and communication patterns, analyse their effect together with you, develop hypotheses about useful change processes and train new behaviour patterns with you.


  • stimulating
  • solution-oriented
  • resourceful
  • self-organized
  • appreciative



Training aims to change thought, communication and behaviour patterns. We invite you to make these changes based on our systemic approach. This takes place in a learning environment which cautiously stretches your comfort zone, a learning culture which appreciates value, practically-relevant exercises with immediate feedback and transfer into everyday working situations with doses of theoretical knowledge.

In our training, we incorporate the most recent findings from the field of neurobiology, i.e.

  • we enable you to link existing knowledge with new information and concentrate on a few important things (e.g. specific examples, case studies, etc.),
  • we promote emotional links with cognitive input (e.g. stories, learning diaries, reflective work, etc.),
  • we place particular emphasis on a positive social climate (e.g. learning partners, peer groups, etc.).

  • challenging
  • experience-oriented
  • neurodidactic
  • amusing
  • transfer-oriented


Both mediation als well as cooperative practice are consensus-oriented methods to solve conflicts.

As mediators we support the parties to the conflict in a multi-partial way in their search for a solution. We encourage a communication culture which appreciates value and create a structured discussion process. In this way you and your partner in the conflict can together find a mutually satisfactory solution.

Cooperative practice
Coaches and lawyers working in a mediative function support the parties to the conflict at the same time. In this way they can take account of both legal and psychological aspects in individual meetings and in the search for a solution.


  • autonomous
  • voluntary
  • consensus-oriented
  • transparent
  • confidential
  • future-oriented



We guide your group or company-wide discussion process in close cooperation with you as the client.

In this way, you can concentrate exclusively on the content of the answers to the questions that are important to you   – regardless of whether it is a matter of strategy meetings, kick-off sessions for projects, conflict resolution meetings or negotiations.

We also provide content-related knowledge according to your instructions and needs, so that you can profit from our many years of consulting, managing and project-leading experience.

Using the “wisdom of crowds” we have already presented numerous large group events with methods such as e.g. Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Café or Future Workshop.


  • humorous
  • creative
  • participant-oriented
  • structured
  • goal-oriented



What REALLY drives people?

This question has occupied mankind and many philosophers for thousands of years – leading to the most different ideas and solution approaches. Motive Structure Analysis® provides a completely different view of ourselves and others – a view of the specific characteristics of our 18 core motives.

Our individual motive structure influences each of us comprehensively and extensively in our ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving. Knowing our personal core motives we can structure our skills, our behaviour and our performance goals effectively and appropriately. This leads to more pleasure in achievement and life satisfaction.

Use our expertise for motivation-oriented consulting, coaching and training.


  • life satisfaction
  • pleasure in achievement
  • motives
  • personality
  • structure



We bring blueprints to life.

We also support you on-site to make it easier for you and your employees to implement the ideas and concepts you have jointly developed. 

We put things into practice and, even in times of crises, take command as interim managers, train your employees “on-the-job”, support them in meetings with customers and colleagues, support your trainers with effective “ train- the- trainer ” concepts. Together with you we evaluate the effectiveness of our measures and in this way ensure sustainable implementation.

We are happy to assume responsibility.
And we are even happier when we can pass this on to you and your employees after successful implementation.


  • hands-on
  • efficient and effective
  • flexible
  • solution-oriented
  • pragmatic
  • responsible


In addition to the customized, internal workshops, we offer open seminars. 

Here you will learn about new methods and how to apply them. Take advantage to interact with other participants and to make important contacts for your professional life.


Would you like to coach in the future your staff in your role as a leader? Or do you want to change your profession and work as internal or external coach?

Would you like to become a mediator? Within a company or in the external market?

Would you like to use our COR-ESSENTIALS model as a change manager? Within a company or in the external market?

We will train you!

We support you!

Could you imagine implementing turning your visions into actions with us at your side?

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!